Keep dreaming !

Who are we?
An events agency that has been at your service for 20 years!
To Switzerland, Europe and to the other side of the world, we will accompany you on all your projects… especially the audacious ones.
Good service, quality and safety are our motto and the words that guide us through the day.

Our philosophy, our values?
Adaptability, respect and humility are our core values. These have allowed us to build our reputation and strong network of loyal customers and committed partners. That’s what gives us our vital energy to provide a top quality service!

Our team? Professional, passionate and faithful.

Our references? Our customers speak better than us. Read our guestbook


Dragon boat
Jet d'eau de genèves
Dragon boat
Jet d'eau de genèves

Explore tradition and experience the unusual !
Over 20 years, Cameleon Event has become an integral part of the Alps.
We greet everyone with open arms, and thanks to the many wonderful local locations, we will take you to the land between lake and mountains.

We surround ourselves with the only the best and top quality services, to provide you with a number 1 experience!
As a team building and events organisation company, we offer you a range of challenges and activities, which are constantly updated and renovated to ensure you the best. No expectation is too high.

Motivations, rewards, relaxation, team building… whatever the reason, we will find the most fitting activity for you.
Our activities will allow you to see the world in new colours. We will work to cater for your needs!

Do you have a dream in mind?
Contact us and let our dynamic team make it happen.

DMC & team building

Communicate, celebrate and enjoy!

Communication is at the heart of our business. Whether it is to your employees or customers, Cameleon Event will create an out-of-the-ordinary event. It will impress.

We can offer you a wide range of expertise and services: to create visuals and websites, to manage registrations on personalized platforms, to implement an application which increase your internal or external communication, to book aeroplane tickets, to manage land transfers, accommodation, meals, to galvanize your meetings, to create amazing thematic evenings etc …

We do organize seminars, product launches, end-of-the-year parties, Christmas parties for adults or children, roadshows, inaugurations etc…

Do you have a dream in mind?
Contact us and let our dynamic team make it happen.

Events & meetings

Travel, be rewarded and go on an adventure!

Do you want to reward your team, thank your customers, or discover the destination or your dreams? Do not hesitate, because we will create the perfect program for you!

For 20 years, we have travelled with our customers to many different countries and continents.

We have a range of unavoidable programs, but so many that are unbelievable, unforgettable and we can assure you that you will love it!
As a registered travel agent, Cameleon Event covers all aspects of your trips abroad.

Do you have a dream in mind?
Contact us and let our dynamic team make it happen.

& incentives

Team Buiding - Geneve - 350 pax

Dear Stéphane,
We have recently sent out a short survey and I can tell that the participants enjoyed the city buidling and had many experiences and learning from it. We were very impressed by the organisation of your team onsite !
Best wishes

Sejour - Evian - 55pax

Dear Romain,
Thank you very much for your help and support. The team event the next day was the highlight of the meeting. We all had so much fun and people showed a completely different side in being very competitive. J We were watching the videos all together as the closure of the meeting and we were laughing tears, especially watching the last team. J Although it didn’t rain at the end, everyone was happy being inside in the meeting room for building the cars because it was so hot outside. You and your team did a great job and everyone was really happy (which was by the way one of your targets of the meeting and we have created a happy video).